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Bostons Boy

Bostons Boy

Clean Version - Sam Adams - 1st Round Records

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Dec 7, 2011


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Clean Version - Sam Adams - 1st Round Records

Album Review - (Clean Version)
Amping up Asher Roth’s college kid rap with more macho and less irony, Sam Adams — and that’s his real first and middle name — was accused of faking the numbers when this debut EP topped the iTunes hip-hop charts. Adams soon produced the sales figures to prove the haters wrong, but what everyone seemed to forget was that the pop-rapper’s Roth-like style was extremely hot in early 2010, and if you can skillfully blend in some of Ke$ha’s attitude, some Shwayze-like beats, and 3OH!3’s lack of shame, the charts are bound to be yours. Boston's Boy isn’t the perfect blend, but it is close enough that the gum-snapping teens will understand and likely dance with brew in the air as Adams suggests on the party time highlight “Swang Your Drank.” While the track is hip-hop by way of Flo Rida, “Driving Me Crazy” is almost entirely dance-pop, and infectious dance-pop at that. The feel-good “Coast to Coast” falls somewhere in the middle, although “Girl problems, you think you have some/Hit the beach, you won’t have one” like most of his lyrics, is straight out of suburbia. Put it all together, and Boston’s Boy ends up a worthy soundtrack for rocking the cul de sac, and it's short enough to finish before the cops show up threatening to call their parents.
Boston's Boy track list:
  1. Comin Up
  2. Driving Me Crazy
  3. Swang
  4. Just Love Here
  5. Coast 2 Coast
  6. You Girl
  7. Tab Open
  8. I'm So High

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